Dressing large windows | Curtains, blinds & everything in between

Large windows in a home can be the selling point… until you realise that you have the task of dressing them (or not)!





You may find that you become a little limited with the types of blinds that you can have fitted to large windows. With some blind types such as wooden venetians and roman blinds, the sheer weight of the product across a large window would simply cause the blind to bow or sag. If your windows are large in drop – this isn’t a problem.

Vertical blinds are the easiest option with large windows as they contain hardly any weight at all. A point to remember is that with large windows, you’re going to need more “blind” so more slats with verticals and venetians, more fabric with roman blinds – this means that all of that “blind” needs to go somewhere when the blind is opened. Vertical blinds can stack up quite compactly and not take up much space, whereas wooden blinds (if you window is large in drop) can take up more room when fully opened/risen.

In conclusion:

  • Avoid wooden venetian blinds or roman blinds if your windows are large in width
  • Think practical – are you going to be opening and closing these huge blinds every day?
  • Try to imagine what the window is going to look with the blind open and closed


roman blind large window GREEN VERTS ROLLER LARGE WINDOW


Curtains are a little easier. With a large window, curtains become more of a dressing than for privacy reasons. You could have dress curtains if you’re not going to be closing them at night – or you could go the whole hog and have full curtains with blackout lining for a cosy night. The fabric you choose may need a little thought though, both in pattern and fabric type.

If you window has a large drop, your curtains are going to weigh a lot – especially if you choose a thicker fabric such as our “Zanzibar” range. This means you’re going to need the pole or track they’re held by to be heavy duty and well fixed. The pattern of the curtains is of course a personal choice, and also depends on whether you’re wanting full or dress curtains.

In conclusion:

  • Consider the weight of the fabric you choose
  • Decide whether you’re wanting to close the curtains
  • Remember there will be a large area of fabric – so choose your pattern/print wisely




Other options

If blinds or curtains aren’t the way to go for your large windows, there are other options such as voiles, shutters or leaving the window bare. Voiles are a great option if you like to let the light in but just want something to dress the window so it doesn’t look so bare. Shutters are another option which allow you the flexibility of having a bare window in the day and having complete privacy at night.

Hopefully we’ve given you an insight into dressing those beautiful large windows some of you might be lucky enough to have in your home. If you’re stuck in a rut with it all, have a look at our pinterest page for some inspiration.

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