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We’ve created a few short videos to help with our most asked questions, mostly surrounding the child safety devices that are now fitted with all blind types. You may think you need to repair your blinds, but it might be an easy solution. Please use the below help videos as a guide, and feel free to call us if you still need some advice.


To read more about our child safe blinds, click here.


Roller Blinds

Roller chain breakers are designed to snap apart under a certain weight pressure. If your blind is particularly heavy or large in size, this could happen when opening or closing the blind. Be sure to not pull the chain any further once the breaker has snapped apart. This can cause the chain to come off the end of the roller blind completely. Roller chain breakers are available free of charge from our showrooms.

Roman Blinds

Our roman blind tracks have a breakaway mechanism within them. The metal chain loops around a plastic wheel which slots into the headrail. Under a certain weight pressure, this wheel and the chain will pop out of the track. To fix this, loop the chain back round the wheel and push the wheel into the headrail until you hear it click into place.

Venetian Blinds

You may think you need to repair blinds when this breaks apart as it can look like it has broken. Again this device snaps apart under certain weight pressure, but will clip back together again. Be sure to include all of the cords in the device. Some blinds have two and others have four. This can happen more often than necessary if you have a heavy blind and pull the raise cord from the bottom. To avoid this happening, pull the raise cord from the breaker device to keep it closed. Support the weight of the blind with your other hand gently under the bottom bar.

Vertical Blinds

If you vertical blind wand control pops off, it is easily repaired. The hook on the wand simply clips back onto the hole in the runner. If the hook top is coming off the wand itself, you may need to replace the wand. The glue can weaken and loosen the cap.

Wooden Blinds

Referring back to the video about the child safety device on venetian blinds. This will help show you how to correctly raise the blind to avoid the device snapping apart during normal use. 

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