Top tip:

Washing vertical blind slats.

The best method we’ve found is as follows:

  • Take your slats down from the track by unhooking each slat hanger from the hooks inside the track
  • Fill a bath or large sink with warm soapy water (any mild detergent will do)
  • Submerge the slats (inc weights and chains) in the water and give them a swish around
  • Empty the bath or sink and let the excess water drain off the slats for a minute or so
  • Grab a couple of towels and place them along the window sill
  • While the slats are still wet/damp, hang them all back up (this way they won’t dry with any creases in them)
  • Leave the slats to dry with the towels underneath to catch any dripping water

And you’re done! It’s as easy as that.

purple vertical blinds


  • Don’t put vertical slats in the washing machine or tumble dryer – even inside a pillowcase they can fray and even shrink.
  • Any stains that have appeared over the years may not come out during 1 wash – tough stains may need multiple washes.
  • If your slats are beyond repair from the washing machine – check out our slat renewal service in our showrooms.

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white vertical blinds

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