Child safe blinds | What you need to know

We have been supportive of making & fitting child safe blinds for a number of years now, but it is only since March 2014 that this became compulsory. The law now states that all blinds fitted in domestic properties must have an appropriate safety device fitted in order to prevent the strangulation of young children. In this post we aim to explain all the different types of safety devices and how they are fitted.

Vertical Blinds

With vertical blinds, you have two options to choose from. The most popular and fuss free option is the wand system. This system works in the same way as a traditional cord & chain vertical blind, but a plastic rod/wand replaces the cord and chain. To tilt the slats, you just twist the rod. To open the blind to one side, you just slide the rod across the window, pushing the slats along the rail. This wand can be as long as you like.

The other option is a cord & chain fitted with a ‘P’ bracket. The bracket is attached the the cord & chain and is then attached to the wall with a single screw. This makes the cord & chain taught which stops any loops from forming which could cause a risk of strangulation. To be 100% child safe, make sure your chain and cord loops finish at least 1.5 meters from ground level.

Feel free to watch our tutorial on how to alter your old existing vertical blinds so that they meet with the child safety regulations put in place in March 2014.

Roller Blinds

Again, with roller blinds you also have two options. The first option is the same as above. A ‘P’ bracket attached to the wall to make the chain taught. The second option, if you don’t want any drilling into your wall or frame, is a double chain break. This option allows your chain to hang free, but with two clever little parts that join onto it. These parts allow the chain to break apart if it is put under a certain weight strain. This option is only child safe if there are TWO chain break devices present on the chain which are 20cm apart.

………………………………………….. chain breaker

Venetian Blinds

With wood, aluminium & PVC venetian blinds, you only really have one option and that is to fit a cleat to the frame or wall next to your blind as high as possible. This device requires a little responsibility from you as the cords should be wrapped around it when the blind is stationary. This device keeps the cords tidy and out of reach of prying hands.

…………………………………………… cleat

Roman Blinds

Romans are similar to roller blinds, only difference is you can’t use the double chain break system. This is because the chain used on roman blinds is continuous. The only option available is to fit a ‘P’ bracket to the wall or frame next to your blind. A ‘P’ bracket will keep the chain taught and unable to form a loop, making it safe for children to be around.

If you’re unsure about making your old blinds child safe and would like some advice, please call us on 01782 271313 or call into your local showroom.

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