Tips & Tricks | Cleaning your blinds

Blinds are a practical solution to privacy and light control, but keeping them clean can be a tedious task. Like any surface, blinds gather dust, but with our helpful guide we aim to take away the hassle of cleaning your blinds with some nifty tips and tricks.

off white vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

Luckily, vertical blinds don’t need a huge amount of cleaning. For daily or weekly dusting, put the blinds in the closed position so that all of the slats are lying flat. You can then lightly wipe the slats over with a duster or cloth being careful not to pull too hard on any of the slats or chain. Flip the blinds round so that the slats are lying in the opposite direction and repeat.

For a deeper clean once or twice a year, you can wash your vertical slats. We would not recommend putting your slats into a washing machine – even inside a pillowcase the slats could shrink or fray. The method we suggest would be to remove your slats from the track and place them into a bath or sink of warm, soapy water. Any mild detergent will do the trick, swish the slats around in the water for 5-10 minutes then let the excess water run off. Place towels along your windowsill and rehang the slats whilst wet – this way your slats will dry without creasing or marking.


Venetian Blinds

The dust gatherer. Venetian blinds can sometimes be off-putting due to the dust they collect in the home. There is a simple solution to the daily or weekly cleaning your blinds that takes no time at all. You can do this one of two ways – with the blinds in an open position so that each slat is parallel to each other, take a duster or an old sock on your hand and gently wipe each slat across to remove the dust.

If you have an upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, you can use this with the slats closed to gently clean. Be careful of the suction power of your vacuum as if you have an aluminium venetian blind, it could pull the slats out of shape if the suction is too powerful. You can also use a damp cloth on our PVC venetian blinds as this will not damage the blind.

purple pull down blind

Other Blinds

Roller blinds are another easy task – roll the blind completely down and wipe gently with a cloth or duster to remove dust. If you have any stains on your roller blind such as food or grease, you can try rubbing the stain with some gentle detergent but check with your supplier as this could damage the fabric depending on the type you have.

Roman blind fabrics are all different so again, check with your supplier for cleaning options. We recommend cleaning with a vacuum (with upholstery attachment) when the blind is completely down. Some fabrics may be dry clean only, if this is the case, you can remove all the fittings so that you’re just left with the fabric and have the fabric dry cleaned if you choose.

If you’d like some advise on cleaning any other blind types, feel free to email or call us on the details below.


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